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Ray of light

The Best Laid Plans

In November, I wrote about how grateful I was to be able to take the time I needed when my father passed away (Time Stopped But Just For Me). I couldn’t have known then that just three short months later I would be walking that same sad path once again. Losing both parents in such a […]

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And so this is 2016

Now that January is half over, it seems like the right time to take stock and look ahead to 2016. No? Not buying it?  I don’t blame you. The truth of course is that I didn’t have my ducks in a row on January 1st. My ducks were all over the pond, with seemingly little […]

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Time Stopped, But Just For Me

If someone had suggested to me a month ago that I could take a few weeks off, without planning it, just disappear one day and not return for several weeks, I would have laughed in their face. Are you kidding? Spontaneously walk away from my work, from my business, from my clients and committments, for […]

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Changing leaves

The Only Constant is Change

There’s always been something about autumn that feels more like renewal than decay to me.  I suspect it goes back to my school days, when new years were counted by Septembers.  Or maybe it’s simply the changing air; that it’s cooling rather than warming is insignificant. The change itself is revitalizing. It’s in that spirit that […]

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