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Expect the Unexpected

Getting Back On Track

This is my first post after a bit of a reprieve. I’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes, trying to think of what to write. I was 2 minutes away from shutting down the laptop and letting another day (or week) drift by, when it finally occurred to me. That’s what I should be […]

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Time Diamonds

If Time Were Diamonds

I recently re-discovered an article that I wrote where I contemplated how projects would be managed differently if time were treated as diamonds.  And really, why shouldn’t time be treated like diamonds?  Both are non-renewable resources, limited in supply, and high in demand. The sparkle and shine of a diamond conveys its immediate value. But what […]

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Time Diamonds: The True Value of Time

A few years ago, I wrote a post responding to a question posed by Michael Greer, asking “What is one simple thing that can improve projects and/or project management?”.  In my response, I challenged readers to stop thinking about time as an infinite commodity, and start viewing it as the precious, non-renewable resource that it is. […]

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