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The Truth About Positive Thinking

I like to share positive and uplifting articles. It can also be fun to indulge in sarcasm and cynicism from time to time, truly it can, but it’s not productive. At the same time, I’m not a fan of “anyone can do anything if you just believe it” mentality. Anyone with a bit of experience, […]

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The Value of Being Authentic In Business

Starting your own business, or becoming a solopreneur or freelancer, isn’t unique. Thousands of people embark on this journey every day. Some succeed, and some fail. It’s this possibility of failure that holds so many people back from pursuing their dreams. And it’s the mystery of success that holds back others. Dreams and Ideas People […]

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Making The Switch From Employee to Solopreneur, Part 4

You have to get along to go along. A familiar expression, often quoted, the meaning of which is clear. Best not to cause waves.  Smooth water, smooth sailing, right? After you’ve made the switch from being an employee to self-employment, this concept will dominate your thoughts more frequently than you could ever imagine. What Are […]

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Budget Planning

Want to work for yourself? Cash is King

Cash is King I recently wrote an article about how you can start your own business while still juggling a day job.  Not only is it possible, it’s also possibly the best way to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur without losing your life savings in the process!  Starting small and putting in the […]

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