Ray of light

The Best Laid Plans

In November, I wrote about how grateful I was to be able to take the time I needed when my father passed away (Time Stopped But Just For Me). I couldn’t have known then that just three short months later I would be walking that same sad path once again. Losing both parents in such a […]

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Why A Lifestyle Business is Better than a Startup

Startups get all the glamour, especially these days. Even the language of the startup scene is sexy. VCs, Angels, incubators, acquisitions and exits. Exciting! But that’s only some of the story. What about stress, sleeplessness, failure, debt, dependency, despair. Hmm. Less sexy. So what is a lifestyle business? It’s the definition and epitome of professional […]

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5 First Steps to Becoming a Solopreneur

Well here we are. Third week of January. That time of year when, for many, the bright glow of optimism and New Year’s resolutions is dimmed by the reality of the day-to-day grind. But isn’t your desire to escape that day-to-day grind at least part of what fueled those resolutions in the first place? Don’t […]

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And so this is 2016

Now that January is half over, it seems like the right time to take stock and look ahead to 2016. No? Not buying it?  I don’t blame you. The truth of course is that I didn’t have my ducks in a row on January 1st. My ducks were all over the pond, with seemingly little […]

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