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To Do List Hack Guide – 5 Key Hacks to Make Your To Do List Work For You

  When you’re a solopreneur, juggling customers and projects effectively is essential to your success. If you’re an aspiring solopreneur, you’re likely trying to juggle a life, a day job, and a side hustle, as you work towards turning your dreams into reality. If you want to reach your goals, it’s critical that you can […]

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Believing These 5 Myths About Solopreneurs Is Holding You Back

It’s one thing to be held back from pursuing your dreams because of some very real risks and a sincere fear of the unknown. It’s another thing altogether to be held back by false assumptions. How myths start is a topic for another day, but I think a good deal of misinformation is spread, if not […]

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We All Dream of Someday

What Does Your Someday Look Like? Someday. It’s the best day ever. When are you going to quit that job you hate? Someday. When will you will start taking better care of yourself? Someday. When will you start doing what you always dreamed of doing? Someday. When will you stop putting yourself last? Someday. Someday […]

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Ray of light

The Best Laid Plans

In November, I wrote about how grateful I was to be able to take the time I needed when my father passed away (Time Stopped But Just For Me). I couldn’t have known then that just three short months later I would be walking that same sad path once again. Losing both parents in such a […]

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