Why A Lifestyle Business is Better than a Startup

Startups get all the glamour, especially these days. Even the language of the startup scene is sexy. VCs, Angels, incubators, acquisitions and exits. Exciting! But that’s only some of the story. What about stress, sleeplessness, failure, debt, dependency, despair. Hmm. Less sexy. So what is a lifestyle business? It’s the definition and epitome of professional […]

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The Truth About Positive Thinking

I like to share positive and uplifting articles. It can also be fun to indulge in sarcasm and cynicism from time to time, truly it can, but it’s not productive. At the same time, I’m not a fan of “anyone can do anything if you just believe it” mentality. Anyone with a bit of experience, […]

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Time Stopped, But Just For Me

If someone had suggested to me a month ago that I could take a few weeks off, without planning it, just disappear one day and not return for several weeks, I would have laughed in their face. Are you kidding? Spontaneously walk away from my work, from my business, from my clients and committments, for […]

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Making The Switch From Employee to Solopreneur

By far, the most frequent questions asked of me, professionally, have to do with making the switch from employee to solopreneur. Or from employee to contractor, or freelancer, or entrepreneur, or self-employed, and so on. Whatever your perspective. It transcends demographics, industries, skills, and experience levels. People at every age and stage of their life, […]

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