Changing leaves

The Only Constant is Change

There’s always been something about autumn that feels more like renewal than decay to me.  I suspect it goes back to my school days, when new years were counted by Septembers.  Or maybe it’s simply the changing air; that it’s cooling rather than warming is insignificant. The change itself is revitalizing. It’s in that spirit that […]

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It Begins and Ends With Ego

It All Begins and Ends With Ego Egos and icons. And wannabees. Every organization has them, and those that profess the opposite, usually have the steepest and deepest politics of all. Navigating shark-filled waters is a survival skill of anyone in the business world, whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, solopreneur, or entrepreneur. You can’t ignore […]

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Burn Bridges

Never burn bridges is a frequently quoted mantra.  Keep connections open, maintain relationships, get along with everyone. Don’t have standards. Don’t have integrity. Don’t have an opinion. Don’t have boundaries. Don’t burn bridges. Don’t stand up for yourself, for others, for anyone, for anything.  Don’t draw lines in the sand.  Don’t know your boundaries. You […]

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Quitting Your Job

Why Doesn’t Everyone Quit Their Job

If it’s so great, why doesn’t everybody do it? If that thought has ever crossed your mind while considering working for yourself, you’re not alone. I get asked this question time and again. Even more frequently, people don’t ask, they just skeptically assume that I do what I do as a temporary measure, until I […]

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